Goodreads blurb

It was love that dragged Kate Reilly
into the criminal underworld.
Once in, it’s not somewhere you
easily leave. Even if she wanted to.
Kate likes the attention she gets from
Mike Taylor – the worst of the Taylor brothers
in her mother’s humble opinion.
As a young girl, Kate is happy to use her
‘magic’ skills at unpicking locks to help Mike and
an assortment of his friends who have carelessly
locked themselves out of their homes or their safes.
As she grows up, it finally dawns on Kate that maybe
Mike isn’t the gentleman she thought, but by then
she’s hopelessly, obsessively in love. What’s more,
she’s so involved in the criminal lifestyles of
Mike and his cohorts that there’s no escaping.
She’s not entirely sure she wants to try.
Until the night of her eighteenth birthday.
Then changes everything.

I absolutely loved Tainted Jewel by S. M. Hope.

Kate is the main character in the story and follows her life from a young and vulnerable age, i couldnt help but enjoy and love her story.

From a young age kate is brough into a criminal world, one she doesnt realise shes being pulled into.

S. M. Hope knows how to draw your emotions out throughout the story, i laughed, cried and at one point was shouting out no!!

Some parts in the story are brutal but its a story i’ve fell in love with. I loved the characters kate, jimmy and Mike, Jimmy is hilarious when he is spiked and cant stop dancing.

I dont want to ramble and give the story away but i will say Tainted jewel is well written, easy to follow and has a unique style, I would recommend it to anyone.

S. M. Hope is a new author and Tainted jewel is her first book, i cant wait to read more.

My rating – 5 stars

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