My lovely daughter 

Hey everyone ,

I don’t have anything to post today so I thought I would share something else that has nothing to do with books 📚….. naughty I know.

Anyways my daughter had been on holiday now for nearly two weeks in Benidorm with her nana ( lucky sod ) she’s 7 and they take her on holiday every year but with my son only being 9 month I decided to not go and go next year ( booo wish I went now )

I talk to my daughter every day on the phone, she’s having a great time but this is how our conversations go ……

me: hey sweetie you having fun?

Daughter : yes so much , I played on the water slide for hours ( nana told her to say that) and I made two new friends.

Me: ahh that’s great, what else have you been doing?

Daughter: well nana and grandad took me to see dolphins before and I’ve been getting certificate’s in the kids club, I have four now ooo and I have a I love Benidorm t-shirt because it totally true and I do love Benidorm.

Me: wow that’s great sweetie, are you missing me?

daughter: nope

me : really?

daughter: really, I’m having too much fun, I’m going to play on the slide.

(nana in background- tell mam love you and miss you)

daughter: love you and miss you but I don’t miss you!!!


so safe to say my daughter hasn’t missed me these last two weeks, she’s missed her little brother but not me.

probably my own fault as before she went away she said she would miss me and I said she will have far to much fun to miss me, bless her you have to love her.

she’s an amazing little girl and I couldn’t ask for a better family, I miss her a lot and feel lost without her, the house feels far to quiet without her.

so even though this post has nothing to do with my blog, I hope you enjoy it and it didn’t put you off coming back to my blog.

think I could ground her for not missing me????? no I couldn’t could I???




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