[30 Day letter challenge] To the person you hate/despise



I recently showed you my letter to a deceased, as I said in that post I never had any intentions of posting these letters on my blog but for some reason on these two letters I wanted to share them.

My other letter to a deceased and this letter I’m posting now are connected to each other and that’s the reason I’m posting this one as well, I find hate a very strong word there is only one person I hate and I have very good reason to hate him, there is swearing in this letter but not as much as I wanted to swear in it.

so here is my letter,



Dear him,

 Words can’t describe how much I hate you, I just don’t understand how you could do such an unspeakable thing to an amazing girl.

Not only an amazing girl but a girl that worshipped you, loved you and gave you two beautiful little boys!!!! The boys are everything to her and you took her away, im so angry at you.

You not only took a girl away from her friends and family, you took away your little boy’s mum, I fucking hate you. My hate for you is so strong, she had so much going for her, she had her family and friends but not only that she had a job that she loved and used to provide for her family.

 she was so young, only 24 years old and had her whole life ahead her.

You have your pathetic excuses for doing what you did to her but that’s exactly what they are excuses!!!! You’re a monster what you done is unforgivable and to know that you left her after what you done and ran makes you a coward, thinking you could enjoy a little bit of time with your father before she was found, waiting till she was found then finally handing your self in you disgusting, what you did makes you a monster!!!!! you left her for her family to her.

I bet you never expected her brother to find her, he’s was only 18 and doted on his sister, they were so close and now because he was forced by to go round and look for her after no one her from her for so long, he was the one to find her, tried to save and in the end he couldn’t cope with his sister being gone.

Not only did you take her life, but her brother gave up on his and committed suicide because he couldn’t live without her and nightmare’s of seeing her the way she was after what you done.  

She was a beautiful and amazing girl with the brightest smile, she was an amazing mum, amazing daughter and an amazing friend.

I could call you so many things right now but why should I waste my breathe on you? knowing your locked up in prison for killing, im not even sure killing is the right description for what you done but you murdered her ,an amazing girl doesn’t help the pain and heartache of missing my friend and her family missing her even more than me.

 So I’m going to skip calling you, everyone will remember her as beautiful, loving, an amazing girl who had such a big heart and loved fiercely.

But how will they remember you? Your locked away in prison and I hope you stay there.

Her family are so strong, there stronger than you, your nothing but a coward and I hate you so fucking much for what you have done you a monster!

 Enjoy prison



writing these letters really helped my get my feeling out, although I feel  better I will always miss my beautiful friend that was taken away In such cruel circumstances that should never of happened, she should be here with her boys and her family and friends but she’s in heaven with her brother, even though her family lost her and her brother they are so strong, I don’t know how they do it.

love and miss yous always



5 thoughts on “[30 Day letter challenge] To the person you hate/despise

  1. So sorry this has happened but hope that organizing your thoughts and feelings to express them in your letter helped you heal. This is a very cathartic exercise and am so very proud of you for putting in the effort.

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