[Review]Nobody’s Baby by Penny Kline




My review.

When Izzy hears a noise during the night that wakes her she has no idea what the noise is, when she realises the noise is coming from outside her front door and hears a loud wailing she goes to find out what it is. Lizzy finds a baby left on her front doorstep with a note revealing the baby’s name is Cessy .

The police place the baby in a foster home while they investigate to see if they can find the baby’s mother and find out what happened to her, but they keep asking Izzy if she’s sure she doesn’t know anything about the baby’s mother. The Baby’s name is an unusual name and a memory is sparked from Izzy’s childhood, Izzy starts to wonder if the mother is her childhood friends that she hasn’t seen for years.

Memories of her friend come back to haunt Izzy and danger threatens her and the baby.

 I found nobody’s baby in my local library and the name of the book and blurb on the back really caught my attention, I was very excited to read it.

When I first started reading nobody’s baby I really enjoyed the first part of the book of her finding the baby and my expectations went high I thought this is going to be great book but as the story goes on I seemed to lose interest and thought the story dragged on abit.

 The only reason I continued reading was because I really wanted to find out what happened to the baby and her parents.

 The story is told from Izzy’s pov ( witha small excerpts of someone else’s) , so although I enjoyed the beginning I really thought this book would have been a lot better, I was either confused or i lost interest In most part’s of the book.


My rating 2 stars **




In the middle of the night Izzy Lomas finds an abandoned baby on her doorstep. It could have been left by any desperate person … except that the baby’s name, pinned in a note to its carrycot, brings back a striking memory from her childhood. If you had a baby what would you call it …

If Izzy’s suspicions are correct and she tells the police, it could end in tragedy. Allowing herself some time to investigate, she frantically tries to trace the baby’s mother, but every twist and turn in her search seems to lead to a dead end. And the longer she stays silent, how many people is she putting in terrible danger?

Nobody’s Baby is an engaging and eerie thriller about loss, control, and the desperate edge of human emotions.



PAGES – 270





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